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Additional Info

The rental fee per screening is:

$499 to screen the film to up to 100 law school students and faculty, or
$999 to screen the film to up to 50 professionals, or

$4.99 for personal or home use

Can we host a large screening event for students and alumni at our law school?

For inquiries about a special law school license for screenings to up to 175 students,
alumni and local professionals: contact@10thMountainFilms.com

Where can we rent and stream the film?

The film (once rented) will show up in the Vimeo player's "watch later" queue

What hardware is needed to project the film?

The film looks and sounds best if you use a Full HD 1080p DLP projector (or a large screen 1080p HD Television) and Dolby 2.1 Stereo Speakers