The Year of The Tiger

THE YEAR OF THE TIGER is a three-part documentary focusing on presidential decision-making in the nuclear era.  
Part 1: President John F. Kennedy has to decide whether to put millions of Americans at risk and assist millions of people behind the Iron Curtain. Recorded live at the White House in 1962, this film primarily uses tape recordings of JFK and the EXCOMM as they confront the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Here's what people are saying about The Year of The Tiger Film Festival Critics:
“Documentary of the Cuban missile crisis with primary source documents and sound recordings that allow viewers to see history from the perspective of our leaders and imagine the chances taken and feel the euphoria of peace at its conclusion.”
“The film is very relevant to crisis's going on now and would hopefully inform audiences that using peace and restraint is the only way to maintain peace.”
“The use of taped conversations between Kennedy and all the other important people involved in the crisis really gives the viewer a chance to feel and understand how decisions were being made.”
“The primary source documents [were not] public communication at the time, so the story revealed is from the perspective of the leaders and allows viewers to experience the difficulties of leading, as well as imagine the composure, reservation and cunningness a president must have to lead successfully.”
U.S. Intelligence Professional:
“...[this] film is a great tool for helping people understand more about their government as well as a remarkable presentation of the National Security Council and Presidential decisions, all developed from the official sources and recordings.”